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We produce raffia yarns of polypropylene, polyethylene and bio-plastic. We offer customized solutions with a range of 400 Td - 6000 Td with specific thickness, width and treatments for each application. The high tensile strength - up to 7 g / Td - allows a thinner stock to be used, so as to have a lower cost per meter than the standard.

Thanks to continuous innovation we are able to share our know-how with many sectors such as: production of electrical cables, filtration, military government organizations, ropes and straps, garbage bags, technical fabrics, trimmings, furniture, clothing and much more.

To complete the offer, we supply cotton and polyester yarns with specific technical treatments, dyeing and winding.


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Goal: customer satisfaction

Every customer deserves the best. From product definition, to after-sales service, we pay close attention to every request. We provide experience that, year after year, since 1940 we have been building with passion for our customers.

Versatility and speed of service

Fast delivery and product consulting are essential in every supply. For this reason we are committed to building a trustful relationship  and mutual respect with our customers, offering customized solutions. Thanks to the three production systems we are able to provide versatility and speed of service.


Health and the Environment are our responsibility

One of Calloni's reference values ​​is environmental sustainability, applied to the entire production line. For this reason, the Company has adopted a circular economy model that revisits the "content-packaging" system by enhancing materials and products at every stage of the supply chain to minimize waste, optimize resources, generate savings and help improve the quality of life of the consumers.

Not just words

Calloni is a member of various industry associations, including PolieCo and Conai.

PolieCo is a Consortium that aims to facilitate the withdrawal of polyethylene-based assets at the end of their life cycle, in order to send them to the recycling and recovery activities, at the same time realizing a reduction in the quantity of waste disposed of in landfills and a lower consumption of raw materials. go to the website

CONAI is the National Packaging Consortium which operates on a non-profit basis and which constitutes the response of private companies to a problem of collective interest, such as the environmental one, in compliance with the guidelines and objectives set by the political system. go to the website


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

The constant control and the continuous improvement of the processes allows a unique repeatability so as to ensure constant quality and specifications over time. Combining our passion for quality with internal procedures, the GMP have been drawn up, fundamental for optimal production and quality.

ISO 9001

The desire to improve leads us to increasingly ambitious goals. For this reason, our next goal will be to achieve the globally recognized certification: ISO 9001 for our entire CALLONI group