Cotton polyester yarn

Cotton polyester yarn

Cotton yarn, resistant and with a textile handle. We work the yarn as a unique strand, with a custom titration for each use. The unique strand is twisted with a certain number of twists along with other strands, then a gassing process follows to eliminate lint and lower the humidity level, therefore it is texturized to fix the technical specifications of the finished polyester. Moreover, it is possible to dye the yarn with ad hoc colors. We do not provide stock service.


Polyester spools can be supplied on standard truncated cone, or respooled on specific cylindrical tubes for customer use. Among the most widespread applications, we find the use as a yarn for industrial and professional sewing machines.


Among the many applications, cotton polyester is used, depending on the process performed, in sectors such as


Yarn for industrial sewing machines Cotton polyester
Yarn for cable signs Cotton polyester
Taper for compost bag Cotton polyester


All the raw materials are chosen with great care and comply with the regulations in force in the technical-food field. The variety of items offered, the experience in the sector, the ability to satisfy every need and the constant attention to the specific production techniques put us in the position of being able to satisfy our customers through the definition of customized solutions.